Transfer Pricing

We support companies for the proper fulfillment of their obligations in this area.

It is critical for companies to have sufficient legal clarity regarding the obligation to comply with the formal obligations on transfer pricing. According to the development of the transactions between related parties globally, analysis of transfer pricing seeks to demonstrate whether the prices at which transactions mentioned above correspond to market prices.

Analysis of obligation to transfer pricing regime identifying elements of linkage and transactions actually realized.

Risk analysis in the development of the transactions involved in the transfer pricing regime in accordance with current regulations.

Formal determination to fulfill the company obligations.

Related parties transactions analysis. Preparation of the necessary files for the presentation of the transfer pricing declaration.

Personalized assistance to present information verifying the correct and complete fulfillment of formal obligation.

Documentation: Analysis and determination of the assessment methodology for transactions with related parties.

Analysis of functions, risks and assets involved in each transaction developed.

Development of market analysis, functional analysis and economic analysis on transfer pricing.

Contractual structure design to optimize the scheme without affecting the performance on transfer pricing structures.

Preparation of documentation relating to Advance Agreement.

Preparation of documentation and prior presentation to the tax authorities.

Constant analysis of transactions undertaken by the company involved in the transfer pricing regime.

Evaluation of possible improvements in transfer pricing policies of the company.

Analysis of pre-closing for each fiscal year, to identify possible contingencies for the fulfillment of their formal obligations.

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